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Creative Functional Websites

An experienced web design generalist
Radiance Dream, a web designer for over 17 years, has expertise in HTML, graphic design and writing for the web.

Wide-ranging skills and experience
Radiance’s experience includes two major multilingual sites, elegant real estate sites and many user-friendly, attractive and functional web sites for a variety of organizations.

Radiance has studied Art, Web Design and Professional Writing in California and England. A UBC-trained teacher, she has taught courses on web design in Vancouver. She specializes in teaching clients to maintain their own websites.

Maintain Your Own Site

Keep costs low
Today, most of our clients want to be able to update their own websites. Sometimes this is for reason of speed and sometimes to keep costs low.  We are always happy to help teach clients to update information on their website. If you can email, you can maintain your site.

No Jargon – Learn from an Experienced Teacher
Radiance is an experienced teacher and knows how to help you learn to maintain your website. She is patient and does not speak in jargon.

Cost Effective, Timely, Reliable

Announcing an Expanding Collaboration
I am now working with an international design firm, WebiWebi+ to bring you the best of my experience combined with the latest in SEO, Ecommerce and Social Media expertise.

Most Cost Effective Content Management
We use the WordPress content management platform that makes it easy for someone with limited web experience to keep everything up to date. It also allows you to save large amounts of money. Options and interactivity that would have cost thousands of dollars in the past are readily available at a much lower cost through WordPress.

Radiance and WebiWebi+ are known for being easy to work with and for completing projects on time and within budget.

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